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Since 1981, Gros-Ite Precision Spindle has been a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision ball, roller, and hydrostatic bearing spindles for worldwide markets. Gros-Ite is a leader in the field of spindle repair and refurbishment of precision spindles and also builds precision rotary tables, slides and other precision devices for all industrial applications.

Our repair service can recondition and remanufacture all brands of precision ball, roller, or hydrostatic bearing spindles, domestic or foreign.

Our product offering includes a line of stock, off-the-shelf spindles ready to ship for most applications, as well as custom designed spindles and manufactured spindles that optimize your machine tool processes for their highest efficiency and return on investment.

Located in the Northeast USA, Gros-Ite Precision Spindle serves worldwide machine tool markets, not only with superior products, but also services such as installation, removal, dynamic balancing, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting.

All spindles, both new and repaired, only ship to the customer once they have been thoroughly tested and broken in. Vibration and temperature data are recorded and supplied for customer reference.

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